Native Tea Blenders kit

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Product Description

Native Tea Blenders Kit contains 15 different berry or leaf bush herbs (4 to 8 grams of each from the following selection)

Aniseed Myrtle
Cinnamon Myrtle
Desert Lime Chips
Emu Bush
Finger Lime Chips
Geraldton Wax
Gumbi Gumbi
Golden Gumbi Jilungin
Lemon Myrtle
Lemon Scented gum
Lemon Scented Tea Tree
Manuka Leaf
Mountain Pepperberry
Mountain Pepperleaf
Native Basil
Native Currant
Native Juniper
Native Lemon Grass
Native Thyme
Peppermint Gum
Quandong Kibble
Riberry (Lilli Pilli)
River Mint
Sea Parsley
Strawberry Gum
Weeping Emu Bush
White Kunzea

The boxes are assembled to order using stock available on the day and therefore MAY not be despatched on the same day.

Best consumed within 12 months of purchase depending on storage conditions.


  • Weight: 100 g

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