Davidsons Plum 1.5kg whole fruit

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Product Description

The Davidson Plum (sour plum) can be found in tropical rainforests in Queensland and northern NSW.  The dark red flesh contains two unusual flat seeds and has a wonderfully acidic plum flavour. The skin is thin but on the tougher, leathery side, and is covered with very fine hairs.

 Packs of Davidsons Plums (with seed) have been cleaned of the fine hairs

Use Davidson’s plums to make jams, sauces and marmalades



THESE INGREDIENTS ARE  FROZEN.  For optimum freshness we recommend that you arrange pick up either personally from our head office on the outskirts of Brisbane or alternatively arrange your own refrigerated transport or with a refrigerated courier.

Should you choose to use Australia Post Express service we have available to us then it will be on the understanding that although we take as much care as possible Frozen produce will defrost in transit and you accept that you will receive fully or partially thawed produce.  

To achieve the best outcome we will hold postage until Tuesday/Wednesday to ensure your order is not sitting over a weekend.   

Once we have despatched your order, we are no longer responsible for it and do not accept any liability for any deterioration of, loss of or damage to your order which may occur between despatch by us and delivery to you. 

It is best to arrange delivery of these ingredients as near as practical to when you are going to work with them and it is advisable for you to monitor its journey via Australia Post’s online tracking facility so that you can arrange for collection.

For Perth customers we suggest you investigate Australia Post’s Parcel Locker service within the postcodes of 6000 to 6005 for overnight delivery.

The listed weight is the shipping weight.   


  • Davidson Plum, frozen – Davidsonia jerseyana
  • Energy 123kJ
  • Protein 0.4gm
  • Fat, Total 0.9gm
  • Saturated Fat 0gm
  • Carbohydrate 2.4gm
  • Sugars 2.4gm
  • Sodium 2.0mg


  • Weight: 2000 g
  • Width: 27 cm
  • Depth: 19 cm
  • Height: 19 cm

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