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Warrigal Greens

Warrigal Greens were one of the first native Australian vegetables to become popular with European settlers. Looking for ways to fight scurvy, Captain Cook encouraged his men to eat them, and many convicts owed their lives to the spinach-like plant.

Some caution should be taken with Warrigal Greens, as the leaves do contain toxic Oxalates, which can be harmful if consumed in large quantities. To remove the Oxalates blanch the leaves for 3 minutes or so, then rinse the leaves in cold water before using them in salads or for cooking.

Taxonomic Name Common Name Part Energy kj Water g Protein g Fat g Carbs g Na mg K mg Ca mg Fe mg P mg
Tetragonia tetragonoides Warrigal Greens Leaves 61 90.9 1.7 0.3 1.3 590 180 38 2.6 ND

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