PIGWEED (Portulaca Oleracea)
Grows everywhere (this pic taken at Coffs Harbour Butterfly House), a succulent ground creeper with small fruit or seeds. The seed can be ground to make a paste which you can shape into small cakes and bake in hot ash. Fleshy leaves and shoots eaten raw or cooked.

Doesn’t need much maintenance for optimal growth as it is hardy. Can be harvested all year round. Easily foraged.

  • Fleshy, reddish stems
  • Thick, succulent leaves, which are oval shaped and about 1cm long. The green leaves of the plant are edible and have quite a weak, slightly sour/salty taste. They are high in fibre and potassium and contain good amounts of magnesium, calcium and iron.
  • Small yellow flowers occur in the leaf bases from December-February
  • Seeds can be ground and are oily and highly nutritious. They are high in fibre, protein and magnesium and contain a
    good amount of iron.