Paperbark Recipes

Smoked Paperbark Vegetable served with Wattleseed Balsamic and Onion Marmalade

Par cook the vegies and then layer into wet paperbark
with Swagmans Salt between each layer.

Tie ends with string and then char grill each side for 5 minutes before baking at  180C for 15 minutes.

Serve with Wattleseed Balsamic and Onion Marmalade




paperbark-chicken3Chicken and vegetables wrapped in Paperbark and BBQed.

Paperbark needs to be wet first but to avoid it drying out and catching fire it would be best to wrap in alfoil before placing on the BBQ.




Packs of Paperbark – Hand cut, flat sheet.  30cm wide x 35cm high and weigh 500gm are available at Taste Australia Bush Food Shop