Santalum spicatum, the Australian Sandalwood Tree, is native to semi-arid areas at the edge of South west Australia. It is traded as sandalwood, and its valuable oil has been used as an aromatic and as a medicine.

However inside the seed is a tiny nutritious nut which has many uses in the culinary world. Creamy WA sandalwood nuts are picked directly from under the tree, roasted and packaged for your consumption

Roasted sandalwood nuts are gluten free and are suitable for all dietary needs – vegan, vegetarian, paleo diets.  Nothing added, nothing taken away.

Add to salads, enjoy chopped up with muesli yoghurt and fruit or as a topping for your desserts.

Add them to Chocolate Truffles and/or vegetable truffles.

Roasted Sandalwood is available at Taste Australia Bush Food Shop in 50gm, 100gm, 250gm, 500gm and 1kg