Macadamia Trees are native to eastern Australia (seven species).

They are small to large evergreen trees growing to 2–12 m tall. The leaves are  6–30 cm long and 2–13 cm broad, with an entire or spiny-serrated margin. The flowers are produced are white to pink or purple. The fruit (nut) is encased in a very hard shell.macadamia nut

Common names include Macadamia, Macadamia nut, Queensland nut, Bush nut, Maroochi nut, Queen of Nuts and bauple nut; Indigenous Australian names include gyndl, jindilli, and boombera.

Macadamia Oil is a golden coloured gourmet oil with the nutty sweet taste of Macadamia Nuts and is regarded as one of the healthiest edible oils in the world.  Being cold pressed, it contains no additives and has not lost any of its nutritional values.

Macadamia Oil tolerates high temperatures with a smoke point above 200° C and a flash point at 252° C.

The nutty, sweet aroma enhances natural food flavours.  It is an essential ingredient for salad dressings, stir-fries, baking and pan-frying.  Try it as a delicious dipping oil or serve with your favourite dukkah.