Crystal Ice Plant – Mesembryanthemum crystallinum
Coastal Ice Plant ( Family Aizoaceae )crystal-ice-plant

This coastal plant is related to Barilla , Saltbush and Seablite and a relative of this plant is widely used throughout Europe as a sea vegetable. Crystal Ice Plant naturally grows in sand dunes and sea weed deposits . This green succulent annual ground cover has huge succulent leaves in Spring , with glistening bubbles of salty surprise on the underside of leaves and stems.

In Summer , the leaves turn to a small grey form with attractive pink flower buds and white flowers . These flower buds are much sort after by chefs as edible decoration .

At Reedy Creek Nursery , Crystal Ice Plant is organically cultivated, in growing boxes of composed sea weed . This sustainable production of Crystal Ice Plant can guarantee availability of tender leaves and stems during winter and flower buds in Summer .

Uses; This Crystal Ice Plant can be used steamed , stir-fried or blanched. Is a great complement to seafood dishes.