Cinnamon Myrtle

CINNAMON MYRTLE, Backhousia myrtifolia
(also known as carrol, carrol ironwood, neverbreak, ironwood or grey myrtle)

Can be found in the rainforests of subtropical Australia from Bega in south coast NSW to Fraser Island off Queensland

It is a small tree (up to 7 metres), forms a low canopy. The leaves are 3-6 cm long and have a pleasant spicy cinnamon-like aroma and flavour , and can be used as a spice in various dishes. The cream coloured flowers are star shaped followed by star-like capsules.

Cinnamon Myrtle is used in savoury recipes, deserts, confectionary and herbal teas. Add to curries, stews and rice dishes (wonderful in steamed rice). Can also be used in biscuits, sweets and slices – anywhere cinnamon is used. Cinnamon Myrtle makes a calming medicinal tea useful for Dyspepsia, heartburn, colic and the digestive system.  Mix with lemon myrtle and chilli and add to breadcrumb mix.

Add some depth to your next batch of spaghetti with meat sauce with a tablespoon of cinnamon myrtle.

The main essential oil isolated in cinnamon myrtle is elemicin, which is also a significant flavouring component in common nutmeg.

Cinnamon myrtle is also used in floristry.

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