Green Ants are found in tropical Australia. These ants form colonies with multiple nests in trees, each nest being made of leaves stitched together using the silk produced by the ant larvae. The green ants are edible with a lemon flavouring which creates a uniquely foodie experience.

Green Tree Ants are wild caught (easier than it sounds!), hand-sorted to remove leaf nest debris and silk, frozen and then freeze dried. The freeze-dried ants have a unique citrusy, tangy and slightly spicy flavour and are highly nutritious, containing ~% 50 crude protein.

The freeze-drying process removes ~ 98% of the water content of the ants and is ideal for retaining their flavour, nutritional content, and shape. 

Freeze-dried Green Tree Ants are easily rehydrated in warm water and quickly regain a similar appearance to freshly caught ants.