Kangaroo Recipes


400gm kangaroo loin minced, add 50gm each of finely chopped shallot and gherkin, 10gm chopped parsley, 4 egg yolks, 10 ml tomato paste, 10 ml Dijon mustard
Dash of Worcestershire sauce, Dash of Tabasco, π of a teaspoon of smoked paprika, freshly ground pepper berry, Salt to taste

Mix all the ingredients in a stainless steel bowl.
Serve on your favourite crouton.

Kangaroo prosciutto

2kg kangaroo rump
5 garlic cloves, minced
3 bay leaves, chopped
1kg rock salt
50g whole pepper berries

1. Wash and dry kangaroo rump with paper towels.
2. Mix garlic, 1/2 cup salt, pepper, bay leaves. Spread a thick layer of the mixture over kangaroo rump on all exposed surfaces. Refrigerate the salted kangaroo on non-porous surfaces for 24 hours.
3. Rub off remaining salt. Lightly smoke the kangaroo using a good quality oak. Liquid smoke is readily available but not ideal. 5ml will be sufficient rubbed over the kangaroo.
4. Lay kangaroo in a pan, cover and press with a very heavy weight in fridge for 14 days
5. Vacuum seal and leave in fridge until ready for use

Munducklin Kangaroo Curry

In a little oil cook the 1 brown finely diced onion, 1T chopped ginger, 1T chopped garlic, 1 Tbspn Munducklin Curry Powder, Cook for a few minutes stirring frequently.
Then add 2kg diced Kangaroo rump and seal before adding 1 litre chicken stock, bring to the boil and skim. Cover and simmer gently until tender (approx 1 hour).
Then add 2T fish sauce, 1T palm sugar, 6 kaffir lime leaves, juice of 1 lime, 2 cans coconut cream only (do not use milk) and simmer for another 15-20 minutes.