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Taste Australia Biz is a division of ADNET ( who have been doing business online since 1995. Malynka's enjoyment of cooking is a long term passion with a cookbook collection that covers cuisines from around the world. was established in 2008 after meeting the founders of the Outback Pride Project in South Australia. The encounter re-ignited an interest in bush tucker which had begun in 1997. aim is to make bushfood ingredients more readily available. Our sources are authentic - mostly natural raw ingredients harvested from the wild. The range of products offered has expanded and we are always on the lookout for a sustainable supply of bush food choices. Our kitchen goddess, Malynka, loves to experiment and taste new flavours. She is not a chef, she just loves cooking and good food.

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Customer Feedback: Using Aussie foods including herbs and spices is not only a wonderful taste adventure, but the health benefits are great too! For example, Mountain Pepper has antioxidants and Saltbush has vitamin E and other vitamins! Healthy! Delicious! Australian! Way to go! is one of the recipe and information websites associated with Taste Australia Bush Food Shop (a registered business of ADNET Audio & Internet Advertising)

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